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Yesterday 19/11/2017 my G27 arrived, which I paid R$840.00 on Americanas.com, opened, installed all the cables, turned on the power and plugged the USB into the PC, installed it automatically as expected, so far so good.

When I opened the Grid Autosport I tested the gearbox and it didn’t work, I noticed that there was no option in the settings menu so I opened Need For Speed: Undercover, in it there were the gears and clutch options, but they did not recognize the movements in the gearbox or in the clutch. I was angry at first, after some research on the internet I did not get any results, so I decided to open everything, where I tested the potentiometers that serve as motion sensors and the cables, everything ok.

Then in a last search I found the video of this guy where he had the same problem in windows 8.1 (or in my case windows 8):


He was recommended in the comments to install “Logitech Gaming Software V5.10 ″, which I also installed and solved my problem:



Before installing the above software, remove the drivers that Windows installed, following the steps below:

Right click on My Computer and go to Manage.

In Device Manager go to Human Interface Devices.

Remove all Logitech items related to the G27 by right-clicking and uninstalling if asked to authorize the drivers to be deleted.

Recurring problems with Logitech Gaming Software V5.10 as the menu is spinning alone or second gear opens the menu can be solved by following the steps below (source: http://solidlystated.com/software/logitech-g27-need-for-speed- undercover /)

Open the Logitech Profiler

Select New> Profile

Add the game executable

Open the “Specific Game Settings” or “Specific Game Settings”

Leave ‘Special Force Feedback Device Settings’ or ‘Special Device Feedback Settings’ unchecked.

Check ‘Report Combined Pedals.’ Or ‘Report Combined Pedals.’

Configure the Rotation Angle at will

Leave ‘Use Special Game Settings’ or ‘Use Special Game Settings’ unchecked

Open the Game

Go to Settings and select the G27 as the controller.

Map the buttons at will.

Gameplay usually has the option of automatic or manual walking.

As for the G27 it is an excellent game control, I recommend.

Good game!

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