About me

Airton Gomes de Lima

Senior Software Engineer specialized in Microsoft technologies.


        Product Management: JIRA, Azure DevOps Server, VSTS | Version Control: TFS, Git e SVN.

Tecnologies:   C#, VB.NET, VBA, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Jquery/JavaScript, Angular 2+, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, Linq, Entity Framework, WCF, WPF and XAMARIN.

Learning: React and Python.

        Databases: MySQL, MSSQL e PostgreSQL.


Professional Experience:

        Avanade (www.avanade.com)

        Sr .NET Core Consultant / São Paulo, SP /  Aug 2020 – now


                Working as a .NET Core specialist for Avanade and Accenture clients.

        MarketUP (www.marketup.com)

        Technical Lead / São Paulo, SP /  Aug 2019 –  Dec  2019


                MarketUP is a company focused on the development of an ERP for small businesses, my main occupation there was in the Marketplace, a project that aims at the possibility of ERP users to replenish their inventories in an automated way or to sell their products to external users.

                Main functions:

                        Definitions of projects with the business area, deadlines, technologies.

                        Distribution of tasks.

                        Code review.

                        Follow-up of publications.

                        Tracking and targeting of bugs.


                        SPA application in Angular.

                        Scheduled services and synchronization with partner vendors in a Windows Service.

                        Restful API.

                Technologies used:

                        Front: Angular 8.

                        API: C# .NET Core.

                        Service: C# .NET 4.5.

                        Database: MSSQL.

                        Infra: Cloud on AWS


        Core Capital Partners (ccpl.capital)

        Senior Software Engineer / São Paulo, SP / Jan 2019  –  July  2019


                        The company hired a software factory for the development of a backoffice  system and an operations system for the broker’s clients, but the project delivered did not meet the needs of Core Capital, the mission was to make the project work minimally, in 3 months, because it was the deadline for the end of contact with the system they used.

                Main functions:

                        Daily meetings in English with the staff via Skype.

                        Understanding the needs of the business area.

                        Negotiation of features.

                        Development and bug fixes.


                        Start of the new project.


                        SPA application.

                        Restful API.

                        Integration with Bloomberg.

                Technologies used:

                        Front: Angular 3.

                        API: C# .NET Core.

                        Database: PostgreSQL.

                        Integrations via SOAP.

                        Infra: Cloud in Azure.


        Banco Sofisa Direto (www.sofisa.com.br)

        Senior Software Engineer / São Paulo, SP / Jan 2016  –  Dec 2018


                        Banco Sofisa focuses on corporate accounts and to meet a demand of individuals the Banco Sofisa Direto was created which has a check account and investments products, I followed the growth of Sofisa Direto by joining a team of 2 people , developing and supporting on a day-to-day basis until the growth for 25 developers where I became a technical and knowledge of the business reference, in this period Sofisa Direto went from a bank with 200 account openings per month, with few investments products to a bank with more than 2,000 account openings per month with a much wider range of account products, I also participated in technological development coming from a monoblock to micro services with automatic scalability.

                Main functions:

                        Understanding and alignment of projects and products with Stake Holders, Product Owners or Directors.




                        Training of new developers.

                        Security testing and improvements.

                        Negotiations between infra, development, security and product teams.

                        Participation in production uphill planning meetings.

                        Monitoring of increases in production.

                Environment and technologies used:

                        Mixed frontend between legacy and new SPA application.

                        Restful APIs.

                        Integration with AutBank’s banking core.

                Technologies used:

                        Front: Asp.NET MVC 4 and Angular 5.

                        APIs: C# .NET Core (Applying TDD and BDD).

                        Database: MSSQL.

                        Mobile: Xamarin.

                        Cache: Redis.

                        Integrations via SOAP.

                Infra: 3 servers in separate datacenters and part in the Azure cloud.


        Mestra (www.mestra.com.br)

        Senior Software Engineer / São Paulo, SP / Mar 2009 – Dec 2015


                        Mestra is a company who offers services in the area of Occupational Health and Safety giving legal and technical support to customers.

                Main functions:

                        Understanding and alignment of projects and products with customers and the owner of the company.




                        Infra Management.

                        Monitoring of increases in production.


                        Front: Web.

                        Services: WCF.

                Technologies used:

                        Front: MVC Asp.NET 4

                        APIs: C# .NET 4.5.

                        Database: MSSQL.

                        Infra: On-premises servers as backup and principal in Azure.


        GVP IT Solutions (www.gvp.com.br)

        Senior Software Engineer / Alphaville, SP / Oct 2014 – Oct 2014

                Brief work as Systems Analyst where I received counterproposal to return to Mestra, in this company the tasks performed in the 15 working days were:

                        Service integration with Microsoft Dynamics 4.

                        SMTP system.

                        Data synchronization between MSSQL and MySQL via VPN.


Academic Experience:

        ETESP (State Technical School of São Paulo)

                Certification in Industrial Automation  – Graduated at:  2005

        ETESP (State Technical School of São Paulo)

                Certification in Electronics – Graduated at:  2006

        IFSP (Federal Institute of Education Science and Technology of Sao Paulo)

                Degree in Physics – Graduated at: N/A Dropped after 4 years

        Anhembi Morumbi University

                Associate degree in Systems Development – Graduated 2019


Additional Courses:

        Angular Front to Back – Udemy

        Microsoft Official Course – WCF – Ka Solution

        Bootstrap 4 – Udemy

        Design Thinking – Laureate

        Machine Learning with Python – PHD. Mauro Pichiliani

        Stock Market – B3

        Microsoft Official Course – C# – Ka Solution

        Microsoft Official Course – Data Access – Ka Solution

        Microsoft Official Course – SQL – Ka Solution

        Microsoft Official Course – Web Applications – Ka Solution

        Xamarin Mobile Dev – PluralSight

        Microsoft Official Course – Windows Applications – Ka Solution

        React Front to Back – Udemy

        Scrum Fundamentals – PluralSight

        Security Sally Awareness Training – ERICSSON

        Statistics and Probability – Udemy

        The Complete Machine Learning Course with Python – Udemy

        Understanding Machine Learning – PluralSight

        Universal Windows App Development with Cortana and the Speech SDK (Microsoft

        Virtual Academy)

        Fundamentalist Analysis 1 and 2 – B3



        Portuguese(Brazil): Native.

        English:  Intermediate.



        Microsoft Insights 2015.

        TDC São Paulo 2016.

        TDC São Paulo  2017.

        Azure Bootcamp  2019.

        Microsoft Game Jam 2020 NYC.


Volunteer work:

        Teacher of Physics and Mathematics – Education for the elderly (Jan 2008 a dez 2008)